Roofing Materials Suited For Various Residential Roof Structures

The materials that are used to roof your residential houses depend on various factors. These are like the climatic conditions, affordability, and the value that you attach to your structure. The type of the roof structure that you use on your house has a big impact on the type of roof materials that can be used. In this article we discuss various materials that are ideal for various roof types. These materials are available at This roof types are classified based on slopping angle. In this regard we have the flat and slanted or pitched slopes.

Flat roof materials

These kind of roofs are found in regions with less rainfall and that do not experience snow. There are various roof materials suited for these roof structures. These are as follows.

  1. Tar and gravel. This kind of structure  is also called built-up Tar and gravel are mainly used on flat roofs and the roofs can be slightly pitched to prevent water from stagnating. The tar and gravel roofs are constructed using various layers of tar and gravel and are finished with a hard coat such as mica.
  2. Modified Bitumen. This has all the aspects of tar and gravel roof but with additional feature of fibreglass. The addition of fibreglass layer improves on the strength of the roof to be more resistance to adverse climatic conditions.
  3. EPDM Rubber. This material is suitable for low-slope or flat residential roofs. The material is

    light-weight compared to tar and gravel structures that are made from a multiple of layers. Upon completion, it does not require any coating because it is UV-resistant. This makes affordable to most homeowners.

  4. Roll It is normally used to roof sheds and has a short lifespan because of one layer.
  5. Metal Metal roofs are preferable because the material is light-weight and can last for long time. Metal roofing materials come with a warranty and the customer can be compensated in case of any defect. Compared to materials like asphalt, metal materials are slightly expensive. Metals are good conductors of heat and can make the house so hot in areas with warm climates. provides such materials. You need to insulate the are below the roof which comes at a cost.

For slanted roof structures , various roofing materials can be used depending on the angle of sloping. These materials are as follows

  1. Composition shingles. These are also known as asphalt. We have two forms of composition shingles, namely: organic and fibreglass.  These classification is based on the materials that are used to manufacture the products. For example organic is made from recycled paper and wood fibres while fibreglass shingles are hardened with fibreglass.
  2. Wood shingles Because of its elegant look, must people prefer wood shingles though they are very expensive.