A Quick Guide on Shopify Services and Set up Process

In this internet age, the world has become a small village, and people now sell goods and services wherever without moving an inch. For instance, a commerce platform like Shopify lets its users start, grow, and manage their businesses at the comfort of wherever they are. Users also enjoy services like selling their products in multiple places and managing their products’ payment and shipping. Many people have therefore turned to online marketing because of these Shopify services and set up process that is simple and friendly. The setup process is discussed below.

Sign up for Shopify

This is the initiation to Shopify services and set up process. Before you start selling anything on the site, you first need to create an account. Here you will be required to give information about yourself. This information is helpful for the company because they will know the real identity of their client.

Add the product you want to sell

After you have been recognized and approved to be a seller, now it’s time to market your products. To create your product listing, navigate to Products>Add button and key in the details of your products. You are supposed to give the product title, description, price, and shipping details. In addition, you are required to upload photos of the products you want to sell; they should be of high quality to capture the buyers, attention.

Create key pages for your store

On these pages is where buyers will get to understand your business more and develop trust in you. To create these pages, go to Online Store>Pages button in your account. Although you don’t need to have all pages ready for launch, you can start with the most important ones like the contact page, about page, FAQ page, and policy page and do the others later when the page is running.

Customize your store

It is essential to give your site a good look. Have something that will attract the buyers’ attention. Design your homepage and customize navigation menus where people will find a way around your website. You can also set colors, typography and ask visitors for feedback. Feedback is critical for it will help you know exactly what the buyer wants.

Customize the shipping settings

You are selling your products online. Therefore you expect buyers from different parts of the world. Set shipping zones and rates in specific countries considering your target profit and quantity of goods people can buy.

Configure the tax settings

You can do this under Settings>Taxes—key in your tax details and regions. Always look for updated tax rates for different areas to avoid inconveniences.

Set up payment methods

There are many ways of payment worldwide, and the ones you chose should favor both you and your customers. Do this under Settings>Payments.

Prepare your store for the launch

In this stage, you can add custom domains, install relevant sales channels and customize your notifications. You can also review your Shopify services and set up process at this point.

Launch your store

After you have completed all the above steps, your site is ready, and you can now start running it to begin getting customers. 


Many people who do their businesses online get maximum profits. The world is changing, and so is the marketing fraternity too. With the above outlined Shopify services and set up process, you can shift your business online and reach millions of buyers from all over the world. What are you waiting for?

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